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Compare the market Before Commiting

Big financial decisions

Equity release deals are always a game changer for you life. They have a huge power to boost your retirement, get you out of debt, and give you a life you wouldn't have had otherwise. The same way it can have big and good consequences, it can also have big and bad ones. The purpose of this article is not to disencourage you from considering releasing the equity of your house, by all means. However, it is necessary that you take due precautions and choose wisely the exact scheme that is best for you. It will make a huge difference in how much money can you access and how much you can inherit to the next generations, in case that's of your interest.

There are some tips you should always bear in mind when considering this kind of deal. Most of them are common to all major investments or purchases, but you would be surprised to know how many times people can be misled and ignore these basic alert signs, especially if they are at a tight spot with debts or bills.

If you want to make a good choice with equity release you have to look at different providers and compare their offers. Don't keep the first or second quotation you get without shopping around and seeing more options. There might be a great deal out there that you could be missing, and when it comes to large loans like lifetime mortgages, the difference one or two percent can make in the final result can be huge.

Get advice

Big financial decisions like this call for a competent advisor. You shouldn't fall under the false impression that you have high chances of making the right choice on your own. Shopping around, asking for different quotations and even using online tools such as equity release calculators and rate calculators isn't enough. There are subtle tricks some lenders may use to ensure you make a deal with them, or at least leave some pounds in their pockets. Even if you're working with big and reliable lenders like Lifetime Mortgages & Finance Ltd., there is a chance there might be something out there that is more convenient for your particular situation. Finding and advisor who helps you compare offerings and truly understand their implications is not an extra expense, but instead an investment that might save you thousands.

A competent advisor will be able to help you see through some of the most risky or flat out dangerous practices of lenders. Even if today dealers are regulated by the UK Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics status, there are still some strategies they use that might affect you negatively. Hidden fees and the lack of full disclosure beforehand are some of the things you should stay away from, but you might not be able to see them coming unless you have an advisor by your side to point out the risks and opportunities each deal has to offer.

Without an advisor by your side, even if you try to compare different offerings and rates, you won't be seeing the whole picture. The more accurate and relevant information you have at hand, the better choices you will be able to make. That's why you should have a professional advisor by your side, offering you guidance and counsel.

Regulations on advisors and brokers

The UK government works to regulate and certify equity release advisors and brokers, just as any other professional who works with financial services or mortgage deals. Public offices understand the importance on regulation and quality in these services, becuse they can heavily impact the life and decisions of the elder population who request their aid.

In an attempt to protect citizens from the dangers of unprepared or mischievous advisors, the government has released Key Rules for Mortgage and Home Reversion Brokers, which are available for open access. These professionals must follow the guidelines disclosed on these documents in order to ensure that they provide a proper service to their clients. The same way, clients should inquire about the certification and professional training of their advisors, in order to make sure they're taking counsel from a reliable professional.

Engaging in an equity release deal is worth considering if you are facing financial trouble, your income isn't enough for your expenses, or you would like to give your life a financial boost. You can do all of this by raising money from your home through a lifetime mortgage, home reversion or any other scheme of the like. You can access a lump sum, a monthly income or a drawdown fund, amongst other options. Compare offerings, hire proper counseling and make your decision.


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Rosa H. Sargent

My husband and I have been looking for a way to obtain an additional source of income for quite a while now but were unable to do so until we came into contact Annual Assembly. We did not have a good understanding on equity release but they did a great job explaining it to us.

Sean B. Elliott

When my wife and I entered retirement, it was difficult. We did not invest much in retirement planning so all that we had was our assets, more specifically our property. We thank Annual Assembly for showing us how easy it is to use our property to generate income for us.  

Edmund A. Lee

When the concept of equity release schemes was introduced to me, I did not know much about these schemes but I did know that I did not want to lose my house and that I wanted to be able to provide for my family during my retirement. Annual Assembly made if very easy for me to understand this concept and now I benefit from it on a weekly basis.